LMODroid 5.0 - Where Customization Meets Stability

LMODroid 5.0 - Where Customization Meets Stability


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Let me introduce the fancy new LMODroid update we made for y'all.

LMODroid is a free and open-source AOSP fork, providing optionally de-googled Android experience and top-notch stability along with a bunch of useful features so that you can enjoy using your device.

Let's see the cool features that LMODroid have.

Android 14

LMODroid 5.0 is based on the latest Android 14 QPR2 with up-to-date security patches merged.

We keep up our sources with the latest Android releases so you will always run the latest thing and won't miss anything.

Not only that, we are actively fixing bugs and maintaining the source bug-free as much as possible.

OSS Face unlock

No proprietary code, 100% open source

LMODroid has an open-source face unlock developed from scratch using TensorFlow.

It uses an open-source model called keras-VGGFace VGG16 model for face verification.

It is fast enough in all devices and even unlocks in all angles.

App Lock

Don't worry about sensitive content being accessed by your friends, siblings, children and other people.

They won't stop but we can stop with our native AppLock support.

Lock away sensitive information with extra protection.

A worthy mention, it also supports biometric unlock.

Game Space

Ahhh! A call at the final moment of the game.

No more frustration! Let's control your gaming experience with our GameSpace.

GameSpace provides zero interruptions with useful floating actions for the games. It will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Block heads-up, record your super gaming skills, track your device FPS and so on.

Desktop Mode

Wanna use your phone on the big screen?

Hey, wait! It's not screen mirroring.

LMODroid's desktop mode will give a powerful desktop experience from your phone so you can use your favourite apps on the bigger screen at no performance cost.

Parallel Space

Yes, it's a pain to sign in / sign out for using different accounts in a game or Messenger.

No more pain, We got you.

With LMODroid's Parallel Space feature, you can run multiple instances of the same application in parallel.

Fully compatible with microG

You can use GMS / Google Play Services in LMODroid like as usual in custom ROMs.

But you don't like Google trackers and wanna use microG?

No surprise, LMODroid is fully compatible with microG as well.

It's 'Flash and play'.

More features

Not only these features, LMODroid is comprised of tons of useful features that you can't miss in your device.

To learn more, Please visit our website here.

For enterprise

No worries if the current public operating system doesn’t meet your needs.

We are a dedicated team of developers to provide you with what you want.

We implement all your product software requirements to provide you with a fully-fledged operating system for your device.

  • CTS/GTS compatibility

  • Get your device certified

  • OEM premium experience

  • MDM solutions as OS for your organization

  • and more...

We build the OS. You build the brand. ❤️🔥

Contact us for more information: enterprise@libremobileos.com

Source code

Yes, you guessed it right. You can find the complete source code for LMODroid in our self-hosted GitLab.

👉 https://git.libremobileos.com/LMODroid

All the development happens in our Gerrit and it's open for everyone to contribute

👉 https://gerrit.libremobileos.com

Find and download LMODroid for your devices on our download page.

👉 https://get.libremobileos.com

If you can't find your device in the list, Unfortunately, your device is not supported at the moment. 💔

👉 Discussion (Telegram): https://t.me/LMODroid_Discussion

👉 Website: https://libremobileos.com

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